1095 Sixth Avenue

Located across the street from the Bank of America Building, one of New York's best-known green skyscrapers and certified LEED Platinum, 1095 Sixth has undergone a sustainable transformation of its own that is no less dramatic.

Modesty is not a word often associated with skyscrapers, or with real estate in New York City. And, by its nature, any building as tall as 1095 Sixth Avenue is not hiding — and at a bold, glass-walled 41 stories, office space at 1095 Sixth Avenue is indeed hard to miss. And yet despite its prime Midtown Manhattan location on Bryant Park and classically assertive skyscraper looks, 1095 Sixth Avenue seems intent on keeping its super-sustainable building systems something of a secret.

It is, however, less public, due to 1095 Sixth’s choice not to pursue LEED certification. Even without the LEED label, though, 1095 Sixth has remade itself as a remarkable new office building building — one offering the same 1.2 million square feet of Class A commercial office space as the original 1972 model, but otherwise different in nearly every way. The original marble of 1095 Sixth’s facade is gone, and has been replaced by an energy efficient blue-tinted glass curtain wall, and all of 1095 Sixth’s building management systems — from a variable-volume HVAC and new, more efficient lighting — have been upgraded on the fly.

There’s a reason why 1095 Sixth’s renovation cost $408.9 million — it’s not easy to reinvent a skyscraper from the inside out without displacing any tenants. And yet, more or less in secret, that is exactly what 1095 Sixth has done. That 1095 Sixth’s renovations are saving $1 per square foot in operating costs over the whole building would seem worth mentioning. So would the stone floors and venatino marble walls in 1095 Sixth’s redesigned lobby. Or 1095 Sixth’s new destination-dispatch elevators and… well, you get it. It’s hard to keep a secret this big — and this striking, and this well-located — for long. So consider 1095 Sixth’s secret officially out.

1095 Sixth Avenue Building Details

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1095 6th Avenue, New York, New York  
Submarket :
Bryant Park  
Stories :
Square Footage :
1.2 million square feet  
Owner :
Blackstone Group  
Architect :
Renovation by Moed de Armas & Shannon Architects  
Year Built :
1972, renovated in 2009  
Notes :
Renovated lobby; Bryant Park access