Bryant Park

It’s not a formal submarket by any standard definition of the term, but the Bryant Park area has boomed in recent years as new construction and major renovations have brought an influx of state-of-the-art, Class A office space to the streets surrounding the district’s lovely, eponymous, 9.5-acre park. From the stunning, LEED Platinum Bank of America Tower to the renovated 1095 Avenue of the Americas across the street, and Hines’ planned 7 Bryant Park just two blocks south, the Bryant Park submarket is staking its claim as one of Midtown’s premier commercial office locations.

Named in 1884 for New York Evening Post editor and abolitionist William Cullen Bryant, Bryant Park’s origins can be traced all the way back to the late 1600s, when New York’s colonial governor Thomas Dongon designated the area as public space, which it has served in various capacities ever since. Today, with easy access to Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal just blocks to the west – but without the headaches of tourists and chain restaurants – Bryant Park-area office tenants enjoy year-round access to the park, which stretches for the full block behind the New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue back to Sixth. In fact, the library’s archives are located directly underneath the park, which was actually closed to the public during the 1980s during the archives’ construction.

From summer movie nights, restaurants and food vendors, to free wifi and each winter’s Citi Pond ice skating rink, Bryant Park offers something for everyone, and makes nearby office space highly desirable for workers in every industry.

The Best Manhattan Office Buildings Near Bryant Park

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  • 1095 Sixth Avenue
  • Located across the street from the Bank of America Building, one of New York's best-known green skyscrapers and certified LEED Platinum, 1095 Sixth has undergone a sustainable transformation of its own that is no less dramatic.
  • 1095 6th Avenue, New York, New York
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